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Heey People!

You won’t believe I created this blog roughly a year ago and have been planning on sharing my love for watches with you for the longest!

Have been a watch enthusiast for a while now and the mention of some Brands gives me chills!! Stick around. We’ll be talking deep about the Brands and even do reviews on a couple.

You probably have questions like why watches? What’s she gonna be posting?? How often?

Well I don’t have full answers to all that but we could start by answering the first; Have always had an affiliation to watches since my tender age; when Casio was the real deal and everyone owned one. Remember those primary school days when we all pressed our rents on buying us a watch and going home with it broken the next day?

_mg_2017Β I didn’t think it would grow into a dream this big!

Again both my grandmas have horology in their names; Saa(watch), that being my papa’s mum’s name and Masaa (hours) mum’s mum’s name! Such a lame coincidence yes? Oh well… I tend to believe that’s where it all began then Christ took the wheel.

How many do you own? you might ask… As at now 10


Until May this year I had collected 28. But someone broke in and stole 24 (why so evil though ?). And I had to start from scratch! Again! ? I have always believed that no one can separate you from something you’re passionate about, and that is it for me, watches and everything termed wristy.

My craze has had me contemplating on starting my own brand (SUED) that explores the beauty of African print beyond the leather strap.

If you promise to stick around and be a witness, then raise your expectations to the heavens and expect nothing less!

I bet have given you a clue on what I’ll be posting already. Did you know for you to gift someone a watch you got to know their personality and style first? Or for you to buy a Rolex you have to beware of fakes? Have you experienced the feel of proper leather? That’s what we gonna be talking about here ?. How often? As often as I can. I promise. Stick around and help me master time!

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