Be The African Timer! Get SUED

About Us

SUED is a Kenyan watch and jewelry brand that provides beautiful and customized solutions for all your accessorizing needs. Our Afrocentric in-house watches are designed to promote the African culture and the contribution of Africans to the development of western civilization over time.

Our Story

Sue, a watch enthusiast and collector over a long period of time finally decided to pursue her passion for watches in 2015 with the first watch randomly sold literally off her wrist to a friend! She had no option but sought for more.

One personal sale turned into hundreds of referrals and the SUED watch brand was born!

We have now sold over 500 pieces, repaired more than 50 others and developed a renown line of our in-house Afrocentric designs.

Craftsmanship and Skill

Quality is the heart of each design at SUED. All our pieces are of high quality materials, with unique ticking movements and feature pure leather straps. The leather straps are skilfully handcrafted locally by the best artisans in Kenya to brew a livelihood and ensure quality.

All jewelry is pure metal.

Core Values

Quality, Authenticity, Timeless class, Customer Satisfaction and Everything Noble.