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Happy New Month!

Ecclesiastes 9:4 (NIV) Anyone who is among the living has hope—even a live dog is better off than a dead lion!

I’d swear that only Sue does this! One week into the month and I am still forcing issues on the happy new month story; just like I did with the thank you note! I seriously need a consistency accountability partner on this one! Any volunteers are welcome. But all in all I am terribly sorry, I promise I am working on it.

Moving on. How is your week? Mine is coming up well. Last week I had a good one, or should I say a good short one, a little busy but I thank God. Those who follow me on social media must have noticed I spend half of the week in Kitui. With kids opening school, I had to play the first born role; take my small sister for shopping and back to school.

I promised you guys an entrepreneurial post and this is what one of you had to say,

“Haha, I wouldn’t read an entrepreneurial post from you. It’s so not you, just like you so ain’t an office girl. Amazing things dear, keep it all up. And am glad God remains the center of it all…” -Jose Liali

I am here to beat Jose to his words.

All week I had purposed to gather and appreciate a few lessons learnt so far. Most of these I had them polished at a conference I attended between the 25th-28th of May. I intended to share the details with you guys prior to it so that you could consider attending, but a lot of things came up 🙁 By now you must think I am just full of excuses in this my life LOL.

The conference was put together by Youth+ Africa an organization whose mission is to nurture a generation of youth eager to solve societal problems through social entrepreneurship & leadership. Make sure to check out their website for more details. I must admit it was three days of  learning, empowerment and networking. Some of the guest speakers were ; Julie Gichuru, Mr. Peter Nduati – Group C.E.O Resolution Insurance, Ms. Wandia Gichuru – Managing Director Vivo, Michelle Ntalami – C.E.O Marini Naturals among others.

There is so much to share I am not sure I would exhaust all of it! Here are a few of my learning from the whole experience:

  • Identify your space and claim it! Do not expect the government or the elder age to fight for you; claim your space. God has placed a seed in you so claim that space for growth.
  • Start where you are. You have to prove to an investor that you have stayed the journey and you have proved legible for them to trust you with their resources.
  • Consistency and clarity are inevitable. Be clear on which part of your venture you must stay winning in. You cannot win on all. Again, not everyone will buy into your brand.
  • Stay Motivated. Mr. Peter Nduati insisted on this one. He believes that when you see a rising entrepreneur star, what you’re watching is an incredible amount of motivation of a goal oriented behavior. Motivation is like the jet power propulsion.
  • Embrace and have insane dreams. Do not limit yourself to the usual, dream of something that is bigger than you’re. Again, don’t just keep dreaming. Wake up and achieve the dreams!
  • Create a story. Have a strong branding to enable people to spot you. Brand yourself in a way that people are thrilled when they think of you. We all know of brands that by the mention of their name we are sold out.
  • Create a rule book for your life. This will entail your set standards which will enable you to rise above the external pressures from people and subcultures. High standards can be hard to maintain. Yet they produce massive amounts of motivation, which in turn helps to fuel high achievement. I’ll share my rule book next time.
  • Have the social community at heart. How does your business venture transform people’s lives beyond the economic impact? What can be recycled? Solve a problem and the people will want to keep you running longer. For an entrepreneur it is not majorly about the money but solving a problem.
  • Be sure to include technology in your venture. The world is fast turning into a digital village; you’re in danger if you remained analog and impossible to change.
  • Network, be teachable and believe in it!

I could go on and on with the tips but I believe that is enough for a Thursday. I’m sure some of the delegates who attended the conference are reading this; please add one of your favourite learning on the comment section, for the sake of my readers. Thank you.

Finally just remember that self-motivation is one of the underlying forces that distinguish successful people from  those who stagger from one incomplete project to another. Self-motivation despises the role of luck,dismisses the component of self-discipline and looks to the power of goals for ultimate achievements in life. -Mr. Peter Nduati

Be the young entrepreneur building a multi-national! -Michelle Ntalami

Until next time,

God Bless!

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  • ” remember, there is a thin line between an entrepreneur and a trader. An enrepreneur seeks to solve a problem, and in the process earn money from it. A trader simply buys goods to sell them elsewhere, without necessarily solving a problem or quenching a need”


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