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Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in a person’s heart,
    but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails

You enjoyed your weekend? I hope so. I had two weddings happening this weekend. Could this be a sign that mine could be soon? Stick around for an invite.

Finally we are doing the resolutions post.

It’s a norm for most of us to set resolutions at the beginning of each year. But how many of us achieve them? Very few. Personally I would rather have two sensible and achievable ones, than have a whole list that will have me feeling less achieved at the end of the year. We are all different persons so feel free to share with me what works for you.

Before I started suewatches I hardly had resolutions. I would sit down with a pen and paper, I am one who has continued to believe it is better manually written than typed. Then I would end up having two resolutions. They would probably read; to take my relationship with God more seriously and love myself better if not the boyfriend.


Starting back from 2015 will help you understand where I am coming from. My resolutions then read;

  • Improve your relationship with God.
  • Let go of that toxic relationship.
  • Save more; spend less.
  • Quit drinking and living recklessly.
  • Apply for the green card lottery and everything a campus student would be thinking of.

I didn’t see any hopes of me achieving all this but I stuck the list on my wall anyway. You can bet I did not make all of them but I tell you for free, I tried.

January started with me letting go of what hurt most! I was so determined it had me cutting my hair.img_20160707_090927

Then I realized you holding on to that toxic relationship does not save it. I felt so much better at least one was off the list.

In June I finally rededicated my life to the Creator and that solved “Improve your relationship with God and quit drinking and living recklessly.”

Applying for the green card lottery was easy.

Until today I have never ticked “Save more; spend less” off the list.

With the June miracle came suewatches and I had to adjust my gears on how seriously I took resolutions.

2016 January the list was longer and full of content.

  • Save more; spend less.
  • Keep growing spiritually; Jesus at the center of it all.
  • Take suewatches a notch higher.
  • Open a watch blog, a Facebook page and stay consistent.
  • Finish up with school.
  • Hit the gym.
  • Do not date anyone, I repeat do not date anyone.

It looked to me like this whole list had me trying to lead a balanced life.

Do you guys think I have done well with the resolutions so far? I think so, except for the “Save more; spend less.” It is a struggle.

If you follow me closely you have seen those gym pictures here and there.


Relationship with the Creator is impressive, I am finishing up with school next month, we are on the blog and here is the page.

On that dating story it failed so badly but I am happy. 🙂

Taking suewatches a notch higher is happening right about now. SUED is growing quite well. It might spill into next year but it is okay. I wouldn’t mind even if it kept spilling for the rest of my life.
The secret ingredient to all this progress is not having timelines.


Least expected statement must be! I know there are those of us who have monthly timelines and it works for them. But if you don’t beat that timeline does that mean you have failed? No, it might mean it is not yet Gods timing with that part of your list.

I have learned to write the resolutions and let the Lord take me through them. Believe me, none of the achieving is my doing. Especially with suewatches, dating, the blog and the Facebook page, it is all Him. He brought the right people in my life at the right time! I tried opening a blog late last year and it just couldn’t work.

We always have  yearly themes in my church.

Last year’s was A Year of Great Harvest. I sometimes feel like I harvested my destiny (SUED). This year’s is A Year of Signs and Wonders and trust me I am experiencing Gods wonders in all this.

I am eagerly waiting for the 2017 one because these play the motivation role so well!

Share with me on how far you are with finishing up with yours.

God Bless!