A Step Closer by the Day!

Hey! I hope you enjoyed your Easter Weekend!

Psalm 103:2 Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.

I cannot hold down the excitement I have as I write this one! There has been so much love and positive energy in the air for me lately! I know its almost a month later but its never too late for a thank you note.

I feel so much love for you guys. You might never understand the intensity of it but, if you have bumped into me on the streets of Nairobi or wherever I am sure you can relate. Bumping into you guys is pure fun, you should see how excited I get when someone says hello. Thank you, I love you back.

By now I am convinced that SUED belongs to the world! It is way bigger than I think. This is just but one of the comments I got on my previous post:

“It was sad to see you leave considering you were my favourite contestant on the show. Keep up with the same spirit of positivity and surely greater things are in store for you…. Your writing also is impeccable and inspiring.” – Tom

You guys voting me as your favorite contestant on the show had me feeling indebted. Indebted in what way some might ask? To deliver, to make you proud, to grow SUED to a luxury watch brand… to keep inspiring even the unborn! If every vote counted in as a bob, that Ksh. 500,000 would be donations from each one of you that took their time to send their feedback. I wish I could throw a party but a time to celebrate is coming. August is almost here!

What is it like to receive so many expectations from people,some you do not even know? What next for Sue and SUED? What have you learnt overtime? So many questions you have for me; feel free to ask even more on the comments section. I will try to answer all that in a video post next time! (Whoop! Whoop! that should be interesting…)

I will tackle two of these today, just to have you on the same page as me. Expectations are bound to be there. But one thing you should purpose to do is; not being caught up in pleasing people. I had the blueprint of my dream and purpose before all this attention, and I intend to stick to the plan. It is important to remain teachable but still stay true to Self. A lot has changed of course; receiving texts from people you cannot recall… receiving loan applications… partnership requests…and so much more. None of that has changed me, I am still passionate about watches.

What next? SUED watches first design launches in August so definitely that is what is next! A lot planning, strategy, design touch ups and everything that would make that day a success.

In the meantime, you can get yourself SUED in a t shirt, sweatshirt or a hoodie.

As you save up for the watch of course. The dream has kept me awake every night and I will not lay my head to rest until I deliver. Most will say Rome wasn’t built in one day; for me I remind myself everyday that Rolex wasn’t even built in one year. Keep at it. The only way is up!

For Sue; definitely not looking for an office job. Be Your Own Boss made it clear and I intend to stay relevant. Hustles are still on. Selling watches. Growing my personality. Blogging more often. A little YouTube activities. My graduation is scheduled for June I hope you will be attending. And as you know all SUED responsibilities and more SUED responsibilities, and Sue are inseparable!

I appreciate every step of this journey and God’s grace. He just keeps surprising me with His goodness. I will tell you over that none of it is my doing; God has been faithful.

I still owe you an entrepreneurial post, until next time.

God Bless.


  • Comment:AMAZING simply Amazing. as we keep saying, Keep slaying mamaa…

  • Gift of a kofia to match the tee. I dont know Why or How I started loving you lol. I always ran home fast to come watch the show just to see how you will tackle something. I was always excited to see you do things. Maybe It was love at first sight.

  • Awesome Sue, you are welcome always,,, and when things seem to be going on sooo well do not forget the Lord your God who helped u from the scratch,, keep up the “the only way is up”spirit,,, na nisikupate illuminati,just kidding

  • Haha, I wouldn’t read an entrepreneurial post from you. It’s so not you, just like you so ain’t an office girl. Amazing things dear, keep it all up. And am glad God remains the center of it all. And beware, loan applications from me coming soon :-).

    • Hehe… The post will be up tomorrow. God is the K in the equation:)

  • Yaaas! I just cant wait for August to meet you darling, you have become my friend though we have not met in person but I know we will. always know that you inspire me with whatever you do on your timeline and social media. I love you Sue.soon am getting SUED merchandise. I LOVE YOU SUE

  • Positivity Attracts Positivity. The only way you can tell whether you are moving in the right direction.

    I am proud you are feeling this way, I believe the future has great things in store for you.

    Watch Out for the Future… ☺

  • Comment:go go my sister even the sky ain’t the limit for you

  • Don’t stop till you’re proud .
    Amazing things underway,go hard Ma’

  • Such a beautiful heart you don’t even realize it! More blessings to you!

  • You are Amazing continue doing what you love to do and it shall surely pay off. All the best wishes as you continue to show us what SUE is made of…way to go girl!!!??

  • Now you realize that The Sky should never be your limit……Youre destined for Greatness..Am happy for you. Wishing you all the best.


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